Thursday, September 12, 2013

Introduction to AlmanacSoft Payer 1.0

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What is AlmanacSoft Payer 1.0?

AlmanacSoft Payer 1.0 is Windows Store app running on Windows 8.1 Preview or later. It is payment app that uses new PayPal's REST APIs with standards-based technologies such as OAuth and JSON for paying money on the Internet. It supports both Direct Credit Card Payment and PayPal Account Payment. The app is native code written in C++/CX and developed by Poom Malakul Na Ayudhya.

How to Install
  1. Download AlmanacSoft Payer 1.0 and you will get the file named "".
  2. Extract it and right click on "Add-AppDevPackage.ps1" to Run with PowerShell. 
  3.  You may be asked to acquire the developer license if you don't have it yet. Use your Microsoft  account to log in and get the license for free. It will be expired in one month and you can renew it.
  4. You may be asked for Execution Policy Change, you have to answer "[Y] Yes"
  5. You may be asked for installing the signing certificate, you have to answer "[Y] Yes". 
  6. AlmanacSoft Payer will be installed successfully.

How to use

For Merchants
  1. You have to register at PayPal for PayPal merchant account.
  2. Log in at with your merchant account. Then create an application to get merchant's Client Id and Secret.
  3. Run AlmanacSoft Payer and select credentials page. Use your Client ID and Secret to apply and export your encrypted merchant data file (MDF).
  4. Send encrypted MDF to your customers by e-mail or let them download from your website.
  5. Tell your customers to use AlmanacSoft Payer to import or download your MDF and use it to make payment for you.
For Customers
  1. Run AlmanacSoft Payer. If you are behind proxy server, set your proxy credentials first.
  2. Using AlmanacSoft Payer to import or download encrypted MDF provided by the merchant you want to pay.
  3. Select appropriate payment method for merchant in the countries supported by PayPal.

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